About Yes on Measure K


Vote YES on Measure K to protect high quality education in our acclaimed neighborhood high schools – and ensure we keep our great teachers, many of whom are overwhelmed by the high cost of living in our area.

Our local high schools, Branham, Leigh, Del Mar, Prospect, Boynton, and Westmont, have progressed from very good to excellent in recent years, and are competitive with the top high schools in our area. Measure K will keep Campbell Union High School District on this cycle of continuous improvement.


With the high cost of housing in Silicon Valley, passing Measure K will enable Campbell Union High School District to raise teacher salaries and retain our great teachers. Without Measure K, we will continue to lose teachers to lower-cost areas of the State or to nearby districts that have more funding for teacher pay.  


Vote YES on Measure K – help maintain the high quality of education in local high schools:

  • Attract and retain great teachers by offering more competitive salaries

  • Provide students with the same rigorous academic opportunities as students in nearby school districts 

  • Provide mental health counseling for students struggling with stress and depression, including suicide prevention

  • Support career technical educational classes to train students for high demand jobs 

  • Support outstanding academic programs that help our students get admitted to the best colleges and universities


Strict Fiscal Accountability 

  • Independent citizens’ oversight, annual audits and public reports

  • All funds from Measure K will stay in Campbell Union High School District to support educational programs in local schools

  • No funds from Measure K can be taken by the State or used for administrators' salaries, benefits or pensions

  • Senior citizens will be eligible for an exemption 


Join us and vote YES on K – keep our great teachers, and support our excellent neighborhood high schools. 

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