FAQs for Yes on Measure K


How is Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) doing?

CUHSD prepares local high school students for success in college and careers. Student achievement in our 5 local high schools – Branham, Leigh, Del Mar, Prospect and Westmont – continues to rise and the District has progressed from very good to excellent in recent years and is competitive with the top districts in our area.


Why do we need Measure K?

Despite providing an excellent education for students in our local high schools, funding for CUHSD remains inadequate. The State is an unreliable funding partner in providing quality education for our students as we continue to lose highly qualified teachers to nearby districts with more funding. To protect strong academic programs, continue preparing students for college and careers and keep quality teachers in the classroom, CUHSD needs Measure K to create stable, locally controlled funding.


What is Measure K?

The CUHSD Board of Trustees has placed Measure K, a local high school parcel tax of $298 per parcel on the March 3, 2020 ballot to protect our high-quality academic programs and dedicated teachers and staff. Measure K will provide stable, locally controlled funding for our schools that cannot be taken

away by the State.


How will Measure K support CUHSD our students?

Measure K will:

  • Attract and retain the best teachers by offering more competitive salaries

  • Provide students with the same rigorous academic opportunities as students in nearby school districts, including math, science and English

  • Provide mental health counseling for students struggling with stress and depression, including suicide prevention

  •  Support vocational and career technical educational classes to train students for high demand careers, like health care and engineering

  •  Support outstanding academic programs that prepare our students for colleges and universities


Could funds be taken away by the State?

No.  All funds will stay local to support instruction in CUHSD schools, and no funds will be taken away by the State.


How would I know that Measure K funds will be spent appropriately?

Measure K requires an independent citizens’ oversight committee and annual audits to ensure that funds are spent as promised. 


How much will Measure K cost?

Measure K will cost property owners $298 per parcel per year to protect high quality education in our acclaimed neighborhood high schools.


Could senior citizens receive an exemption?

Yes. Senior citizens, many of whom are on fixed incomes, are eligible for an exemption from the cost of Measure K.


Who would be eligible to vote on Measure K?

All registered voters who live in the Campbell Union High School District boundaries will be eligible to vote on Measure K during the March 3, 2020 election. 


When can I vote YES on Measure K?

Measure K will be on the March 3, 2020 ballot. Whether or not you normally vote at the polls, all registered voters in Campbell Union High School District will be receiving a ballot in the mail the week of February 3. Vote YES on K, seal and sign the envelope and mail it back right away. You can also vote at any Vote Center in Santa Clara County starting February 18, 2020.


How can I learn more about voting in this election?

For more information about how to vote YES on Measure K in the upcoming election, please contact the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters at 1-866-430-8683 or visit www.sccgov.org/sites/rov. You can learn more about Vote Centers in the March 3 election at www.sccgov.org/sites/rov/VBM/Pages/VoteEarly.


How can I register to vote?

All registered voters living within the boundaries of Campbell Union High School District can vote on Measure K in the March 3, 2020 election. To register to vote, visit www.registertovote.ca.gov or contact the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters at 1-866-430-8683.


How many YES votes do we need to win?

Measure K must be supported by 66.7% of those who vote on it. That’s why we need to run a strong campaign with the help of community volunteers and supporters like you!

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